Monday, March 6, 2017


One day when we were on our way to the Westfield Shopping Mall in Santa Anita, we passed by the Arberitum. It looked like a gorgeous giant park and knew that we would have to go and visit. 

The day we went was a perfect California day! Super nice weather and the sun was shining.

We entered the park with our map and began exploring!

There was art everywhere, super cool designs and it gave us big dreams to have a huge garden of our own one day!

The far left trea is a Eucalyptus tree, it is definitely my favorite! The colors on it are unreal!

Do you remember how cool it was to count the rings on a tree to find out how old it was? We had so much patience back then! I started counting this one's rings and gave up once I reached 20.

All the plants were labeled so you would know the names since there were a lot of exotic plants. I told Kaleb I wanted to bring my dad here so that I could tell him the name of each and every plant and not fail like I usually do when he asks the name of a plant.

The one below is "White Silk-Floss Tree". It was a very bizzare spikey tree......

This next one is called "Fried Egg Tree". It looks nothing like a fried egg... I thought that it would maybe smell like a fried egg... but it did not, which I am actually very grateful it did not!

There were lots of ducks, geese, and peacocks! In fact, there is a sign on the road outside the park that says peacocks crossing. They must roam around a lot.

I told Kaleb to walk over in the trees and act like a monkey.... he said no, so then I made him take a picture of me acting like a monkey. Someone had to!

I felt like a panda bear.... and then I felt like I was in Jurassic Park.

I had to behave some of the time as well.

My animal behavior must have wore off on him! Yes!

Since California was in a drought, a couple of little ponds were dried up, but they still surprisingly had some that still had water and were beautiful!

I spy with my little eye..... A T-Rex!!!

Just kidding it's just Kaleb. Can you see him?!

Somewhere in this crazy huge park there was a house and barn! The details were insane! Very beautiful!

Here are the stables

They occassionally film movies here... I didn't recognize any of them though.

Inside of the house, we couldn't actually go in, but they had windows we could peak in that's why there is a glare.

And here is our dream back porch!! The top is from the porch looking out. The bottom picture is from the other side of the pond looking towards the house.

This sat right outside the cottage, apparently it is Queen Anne's Cottage. And a super huge oyster shell!

Awesome stairs that I had to take a picture of!

The views were amazing once we climbed to the top.

We spent most of the day in the park because it was so big and lots to see. We want to go back now that it has rained so everything will be more green. We also have had several people tell us to go to Hunnington Library. We will make it there one day.... I hope!

November 2015

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