Monday, March 6, 2017


One day when we were on our way to the Westfield Shopping Mall in Santa Anita, we passed by the Arberitum. It looked like a gorgeous giant park and knew that we would have to go and visit. 

The day we went was a perfect California day! Super nice weather and the sun was shining.

We entered the park with our map and began exploring!

There was art everywhere, super cool designs and it gave us big dreams to have a huge garden of our own one day!

The far left trea is a Eucalyptus tree, it is definitely my favorite! The colors on it are unreal!

Do you remember how cool it was to count the rings on a tree to find out how old it was? We had so much patience back then! I started counting this one's rings and gave up once I reached 20.

All the plants were labeled so you would know the names since there were a lot of exotic plants. I told Kaleb I wanted to bring my dad here so that I could tell him the name of each and every plant and not fail like I usually do when he asks the name of a plant.

The one below is "White Silk-Floss Tree". It was a very bizzare spikey tree......

This next one is called "Fried Egg Tree". It looks nothing like a fried egg... I thought that it would maybe smell like a fried egg... but it did not, which I am actually very grateful it did not!

There were lots of ducks, geese, and peacocks! In fact, there is a sign on the road outside the park that says peacocks crossing. They must roam around a lot.

I told Kaleb to walk over in the trees and act like a monkey.... he said no, so then I made him take a picture of me acting like a monkey. Someone had to!

I felt like a panda bear.... and then I felt like I was in Jurassic Park.

I had to behave some of the time as well.

My animal behavior must have wore off on him! Yes!

Since California was in a drought, a couple of little ponds were dried up, but they still surprisingly had some that still had water and were beautiful!

I spy with my little eye..... A T-Rex!!!

Just kidding it's just Kaleb. Can you see him?!

Somewhere in this crazy huge park there was a house and barn! The details were insane! Very beautiful!

Here are the stables

They occassionally film movies here... I didn't recognize any of them though.

Inside of the house, we couldn't actually go in, but they had windows we could peak in that's why there is a glare.

And here is our dream back porch!! The top is from the porch looking out. The bottom picture is from the other side of the pond looking towards the house.

This sat right outside the cottage, apparently it is Queen Anne's Cottage. And a super huge oyster shell!

Awesome stairs that I had to take a picture of!

The views were amazing once we climbed to the top.

We spent most of the day in the park because it was so big and lots to see. We want to go back now that it has rained so everything will be more green. We also have had several people tell us to go to Hunnington Library. We will make it there one day.... I hope!

November 2015

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

23rd Birthday!!

For my 23rd birthday, we kept it pretty low key, which I was totally fine with. 
I always enjoy cheesecake factory, its usually my birthday choice. We don't go very often because its pricier and Kaleb's not a huge fan of cheesecake.

Kaleb and I have really been working on trying to get fit. We have been super great at it! Yay! He bought me a yoga mat and wii fit to help encourage and try different workouts. For anyone who hasn't tried the wii fit, it can actually be really hard and challenging at times, plus it makes the workout fun!

We finished off the day with a delicious slice of cheesecake! Yum! Birthdays are always so great! 

September 3, 2015

Monday, September 12, 2016

Kody and Kailey's Wedding

Kody (Kaleb's brother) and Kailey got married August 7, 2015. Kaleb and I drove the 9 hours to Utah  for the weekend to be able to celebrate their special day. I don't know why do that drive... we say we are never going to do it again every time we drive it. But we always end up driving it again.
The sky was a little gray, luckily it only rained a little after the ceremony. And most everyone had an umbrella. It cleared up just enough for pictures! Yay!

While everyone was taking pictures, Kaleb and I enjoyed the company of the cute nephews! They cracked us up all day! Aren't their outfits so cute!

We went to lunch with Melanie's parents and brother's family at Texas Roadhouse. I can never get enough of those rolls and honey butter! 
After, we went to the mall with Kevin, Tammy and the Heaps. The boys had tons of fun with the little rides. Unfortunately the marry-go-round was not in service at the time, but I still think they had fun.

We tried to keep the busy boys entertained. They have an endless amount of energy!

We went to take a nice picture, but Kody thought that since it was his wedding day he had to be the center of attention at all times.

And of course we had to take a million pictures to make sure we got everyone looking. I think I have 10 of each photo, I feel like I'm at the eye doctor. "Which one is better, one or two, two or three."

We don't dress up much, so when we do I always have to make sure we get a picture. That way our kids will know we were good looking.

I know Melanie loved this picture.... Kody I'm not so sure....

The boys, and me, loved that they served chocolate milk and cinnamon rolls. I ate way too many. Brittany was so cute cutting up the cinnamon rolls, knowing if they ate too much they would have sugar rush. Easton had to make sure he got every lot drop of frosting.

Kaleb and I tried to entertain the boys while Brittany and Todd said their goodbyes. A camera is always a good thing to help entertain. We told them to act like Hulk, or a monkey. I got a lot of good photos and a lot of blurry ones, but here a couple cute ones of them.

Kaleb and I hadn't eaten since Texas Roadhouse, besides the cinnamon rolls, and were starving. During the reception we made a quick trip to Arby's with David and Beck. It was raining cats and dogs outside! It was insane! But I loved it. Coming from California we don't see much rain so we enjoyed it while it lasted.

We stayed the weekend with Brittany and Scott in their spare room. Her boys Stockton and Paxton are also a hoot. We got the whole family together and roasted marshmallows and Brittany had a ton of candy bars to choose from. She is always prepared. 

Kaleb and I had fun running around the yard with the boys. We played baseball and soccer with Stockton, Paxton and Judson. Later, we played dress up, not the girly kind, they have awesome super hero outfits and dinosaur hats!

Melanie has let us store some of our things in her basement so we took a quick trip over to her house to grab some things and got this great picture!

Our way home was quite the adventure! When we were just about to Vegas, I was driving and a bored came flying off of a semi truck and was just inches away from hitting us straight on! Right before Prim it was stop and go traffic, and right before getting into the LA valley area was stop and go. I believe it took us 13-14 hours to get home. We were so tired!

The trip was well worth it though! The wedding was beautiful and it was so nice getting to see everyone again!
August 7, 2015

Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Marx Brothers Home

When we first moved into our apartment, our landlord told us of the haunted forest just up the road. She told us her scary story but then also told us its a pretty cool place to visit and hike.
It took us a while to get there but one afternoon we finally drove up there. 
There was a great big driveway and gate but of course an opening so we could get in and hike. We found out that there was a house up here that had burned down. We weren't sure which path to take so we just followed the drive way. 

The road came to a fork in the road and we decided to turn left. It took us way up to this small water reserve place, not super interesting but was uphill a lot so it gave us a good exercise. We didn't see the house though so when we came back to the fork we took the right way.

And then we found the stairs! We could kind of imagine where the house was but it looks like the fire took most of it.

I really wish that I could have seen it in its glory days. The driveway was already super cool and long so I can imagine the house was grand hidden in the trees and back in the mountains.

I looked up the house after and found out that the Marx Brothers owned the house at one point. There were a few other people who owned it as well but I didn't recognize their names. I tried to look up a picture of the home, but the home had burned down so long ago there wasn't a very decent picture. 
I love finding historical places in California. There is always a story to tell. 

July 26, 2015

Friday, September 2, 2016

Six Flags

Kaleb has wanted to go to six flags for the longest time. We were going to go on his birthday, but had found out that it is super crazy during the winter months because they are only open on the weekends.
We decided to go Fourth of July weekend since we both had Monday off.
The drive wasn't too bad, we got there in 45 minutes or so. That's the beauty of living in LA and having everything so close.

The only type of amusement park that I have been to that was at all close to Six Flags is Lagoon, and sorry to say... but Six Flags is a billion times better! The roller coasters are insane!!

We got to the park as early as we could before the real crowds got there, and got our exercise in before we even got to the park! The parking lot was pretty far away.

The wait times weren't terribly bad... I think the longest we waited was 45 minutes. Usually we could stay entertained by people watching or eating a snack.

Goliath ride looked so cool! We took our pictures and then went to walk in and realized the ride was closed. We were so sad, but at least happy we got a cool picture!

Kaleb plays a game called Monster Hunter and they had a display of one of the animals, beasts, dragon.... not sure what it was, but super cool they had it.

To hide his head from the sun, Kaleb had taken his hat. Right before every ride started he would take it off and sit on it. I would have to remind him every time, and every time he said it would be fine but eventually take it off. On one of the last roller coasters we rode I told him to take it off but he insisted it would be fine. Sure enough half way through the ride, his hat flew off. I still give him a hard time about it to this day.

I didn't take many pictures because we were in lines a lot. It was a pretty fun day and I didn't even get sick! We keep talking about going again once the weather cools down, its like a fun adult amusement park!

July 6, 2015