Monday, July 31, 2017

Just Chillin'

Most of this post will be actually from my journal entry because I actually wrote it super well. I'll change it up if I need to, though.

December 31, 2015

The last day of 2015! This morning we woke up early, 10:30 am! I know it may not seem early, but Kaleb didn't get home until 4:00 and I didn't go to bed until 3:30 because I had to finish Downton Abbey! So we set the alarm for 10:30, of course, we didn't get out of bed until 10:55.... But that's okay, we were on the road with a full tank of gas and coffee in our hands.

We arrived at the Queen Mary 50 minutes later, ready to enjoy the frozen ice sculptures at Chill!

The theme was Charles Dickens Christmas Carol. There was a huge dome that you entered and inside was an ice sledding area and a tent where the ice sculptures were. 

We went to the ice sculptures first.

We got to wear giant blue parkas! They were hilarious! 

Once we were inside, it was pretty cold, 9*F brrrr! 

The details of the sculptures were pretty crazy! They used colors and lots of carved detail. 

At the end of the sculptures, they had an ice slide! We just slid down on our parkas.

We then went to the giant ice sledding!

We sled down the ice hill on these giant tubes! It was tons of fun!

We got nachos for lunch and then went and walked around the Queen Mary ship. It was nice to enjoy the fresh ocean breeze. 

It was beautiful weather!

We had so much fun hanging out! I am so in love with this crazy boy! He's my favorite!

December 31, 2015

Monday, July 24, 2017

Christmas 2015

Christmas in July!! Yeah, still behind on the blogging.... but I am determined to catch up. Honestly I do it to have the memories for myself and family, of course, so that they know we are having the time of our lives. And that we are still alive....

Since we went to KC and Jordan's wedding in Arizona, we spent Christmas in California. It was our second Christmas in California and I am still bummed that there is no snow here. Except I am way glad there is no snow here after Christmas is over.... so sort of a win for me in the end.

We didn't get a Christmas tree the year before, and I didn't think that we would get one this year. Not because we were Grinches, but because our apartment is so small. Kaleb was the one to bring it up, and said that we should just a super small tree just to bring in the holiday cheer.

Whelp... we didn't really have a way to get the tree home, but we made do. 

It fit perfectly!

Isn't it the cutest little tree!!

We literally had no Christmas decorations at all, so once we got the tree all set up and situated I ran to Target and spent like ten dollars or so on lights and ornaments. I tried to find a tree skirt but those are super expensive! So we used a red towel instead. You can't even tell.... I shouldn't have told you.

I don't know why, but we kind of started the tradition of watching The Polar Express the night we put up the tree. Kaleb thinks its ridiculous... but is a good sport and "watches" it along with me. I think this is the 4th year we've watched it.

Because we are adults.... and like to make our own decisions.... this year our big presents were opened the weekend of Thanksgiving.... yeah we suck. I think this is the 3rd year that we have opened our gifts early. But this is definitely the earliest! 

Kaleb knew that he was getting a PS4 and his best friend, Nate, just got one on Black Friday and was trying to convince me to just let him open it early so that he could play with Nate. I kept saying no but he persisted. Nate was expecting a baby at the beginning of the year and he wouldn't be able to play as much after Christmas. I finally caved and I got to open my complete set of Little House on the Prairie early as well. 

It may sound like we spoiled Christmas but I am so glad that I let him have it early to get to play. We all know that once you have a kid life gets chaotic and you hardly have time for yourself.

Also, I am super glad that I kept a journal of this.... otherwise I may have not remembered.

On Christmas Eve we watched Christmas movies and played a round of Scrabble. Which was a lot harder than I remembered but so much fun!

We stayed up until 3:30 that night! Crazy! The best thing about opening presents early is actually being able to sleep on Christmas Eve. Wait, who am I kidding, I didn't sleep at all!

We had some little gifts still to unwrap and presents from the family as well, super comfy socks and some bathroom products from Hawaii! Don't tell Kaleb I posted this picture... but dang, he definitely should be a model.

We definitely had a great Christmas and I'm so glad that I got to spend it with Kaleb.

December 25, 2015

Friday, May 19, 2017

Ghost Town

KC and Jordan got married on a Friday, and since we traveled all the way to Arizona we decided to spend the day Saturday exploring and spending more time with family.
Saturday we were hoping to find a farmers market to get some freshly picked oranges, but we were unsuccessful. Instead, we went to a world wide market store where they had all these crazy snacks and knick-knacks. Mom, Dad, Jud, Grandma and Grandpa had to go back home on Saturday so we said our goodbyes after we bought our treats.

Kim had a friend that lives in Arizona so we went with them to a shopping mall to meet up with them. While they caught up, Kaleb and I roamed around at the different stores and tried to figure something to do later in the day. 

After much googling, thank goodness for smart phones, we found a GHOST TOWN! What!? How cool right?! It was just a short drive away, it was a perfect plan!

We definitely had to take a picture next to this awesome cacti! It was HUGE!!

All of the buildings were so old, but extremely awesome! It defintely felt like we were back in the Wild Wild West!

When we arrived, they were just finishing up with their skit. We knew that we would be able to watch it again later. I think they do it 2-3 times a day.

Of course, can't leave out the picture of the awesome rock formation! Obviously it does not give it justice!

All the props were super awesome to look around and see.

I told Tyler I needed a picture of him. He's having the time of his life!! Hopefully.....

I told them to pose, I take what I can get.

Aren't they the cutest little family!!

The only thing that would make this picture better is if Kaleb was in a top hat!

They even had the cutest little train that you could take around the mines.

Yes, that is a cactus needle in his shirt.....

We thought it was the coolest thing.... your fortune told by Pappy! What?!

Everyone meet Pappy!

I loved this little church? There was even a wedding that went on while we were there. I probably wouldn't get married here.... but the pictures would be super cool!

I kept telling Kim and Tyler I wanted to take a picture of them, she said she didn't want to get Landon out of the stroller. I told her she could just take one with Tyler. She didn't want to take a family photo without Landon! I love how much she loves her baby!

I may have gotten a little ridiculous with taking photos....

So I made Kim take a ridiculous one too.

Look at that handsome guy!

The bee wanted to try some of our Prickly Pear Lemonade. The lemonade was definetly an odd taste but at least refreshing.

We had a perfect view of the second showing. The only thing that I remember was the acting was spot on. They definitely took it super serious and was quite hilarious to watch!

That house though! I would live there, maybe with a few updates though... like indoor plumbing.

We had to be extra careful around the dinamite!

Kaleb and Tyler were the only brave ones to go into the cemetary.

I thought the outhouse was the cutest thing! (side note, why I think an outhouse is cute.... I do not know) I just had to take a picture with it.... except I about had to use the outhouse after I opened the door. The dang dummy scared the crap out of me!!!

But I still went back for my picture.

I have no idea what Tyler is doing in this picture.... but I couldn't leave it out.

Goldfield Ghost Town is the name, and we had such a blast! Thanks Kim and Tyler for coming with us!

November 21, 2015